101 in 1001

by Caela McCann


visit ten new cities


go on a road trip


make my own fabric headboard


dance all night in my first pair of Louboutins


read 100 new books & join a book club

Inspired by Mackenzie and spurred on by Lent, I have decided to start 2013 with not just one, but 101 resolutions to accomplish in 1001 days. These are goals, fantasies, hopes, and dreams – all rolled into a perfect list. In 1001 days – September 2015 – I will have graduated from college and started the transition into real life, and before then, I hope to accomplish quite a bit. So far, I have written 64 goals and plan to add as my world and life direction changes. Wish me luck!

  1. come up with a list of 101 goals
  2. inspire someone to write and achieve their own 101 goals
  3. speak Spanish fluently
  4. apply to graduate school
  5. apply for a Fulbright scholarship
  6. take the GRE
  7. graduate college cum laude
  8. write and defend a thesis
  9. join a book club
  10. start a family book club
  11. regularly read before I go to sleep
  12. stop buying fad books in hardcover, hating them, and regretting the purchase
  13. read 100 new books
  14. work for a company, organization, or person I admire
  15. volunteer consistently for one semester
  16. set up a LinkedIn account
  17. discover and buy the perfect power suit
  18. write 100 handwritten cards in one year
  19. begin a proper address book
  20. invest in personalized stationery
  21. business cards?
  22. stop buying Starbucks coffee
  23. visit 10 new cities: 1. Chicago, January 2013 2. Santiago, March 2013
  24. return to Ferrara, Italy
  25. travel to Patagonia
  26. take my mother to tea in London and lunch in Paris
  27. live somewhere long-term I never have before
  28. go on a road trip
  29. find a skincare reimen that actually works
  30. get a facial
  31. throw a surprise party
  32. host a holiday party
  33. invest in 5 pieces of classic, diverse jewelry
  34. dance in my first pair of Louboutins
  35. personally make a fabric headboard
  36. have all rings resized to actually fit
  37. learn to fishtail braid
  38. wear a floor-length dress to an exciting event
  39. commit myself to the paleo cleanse
  40. attend a Soul Cycle class
  41. attend a hot yoga class
  42. run a 5k
  43. take a private ballet class
  44. continue to grow art collection
  45. learn to like seltzer
  46. go to 5+ concerts
  47. attend a music festival
  48. ride on a Vespa
  49. celebrate 21 in the United States and abroad
  50. no sunburns (premature aging!)
  51. swim in a new ocean
  52. visit the West Coast
  53. wallpaper something
  54. as my mother says, “put some color” on my lips (habitually)
  55. go on Kairos
  56. visit the 9/11 memorial
  57. write a Letter to the Editor
  58. conquer a fear
  59. attend a mass at St. Ignatius during Lent
  60. spend a night under the stars
  61. treat myself to a full-body massage
  62. ride on a sailboat
  63. go to brunch in Boston
  64. put $10 in savings for every goal accomplished